Dear diary,

Today I had lunch with my close friend, Antonio. We had a gracious meal and chatted over recent events. I owe Antonio more than my life already, but today I asked him for yet another loan, in order to embark on my quest to wed the fair Portia. I understand that 3,000 ducats is no small amount, and that I hardly deserve another cent from my friend. Even still, I truly believe that after I complete this quest, and am married to the rich Portia, I shall be able to repay all more debts to him, with extra.

3 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. To wed the heiress thou doth ask a kind companion and dear friend only the credit of his name, yet so much more, for thou hast not asked him for only ducats, but hast now tread into territory unknown, for a deal ’tis set in stone, and promise Shylock his own life hast Signior Antonio. And yet, how this promise hath been made in haste without hesitation… Bassanio, my dearest friend Bassanio, might thy valiant endevour go well! Fear thou not good sir, for I wilst accompany thee by thy side and assist thee in thy time of need!

  2. Bassanio, my dearest friend I will always be hear for you and would do anything for you! Sadly through all my ducts are out at sea, and I have not a duct to give to you. But go to the geto and borrow in my name.

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